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Fruit Cakes: What They Are, plus The Different Types We Have Today

Fruit cakes are wedding or celebration cakes with fruit content making a larger percentage of the ingredients therein. But these special types of cakes don’t have to be enjoyed during special occasions only. They can be eaten any time of the year, even as we speak right now. Remarkably, fruit cakes have had such a colorful history as well as traditions that make people want to associate with them quite often.

Fruit CakesDid you know that these cakes are dated back to the ancient Roman times. The Roman people believed that the fruit cake would bring blessings during the time of harvest, thus they embraced it more than anything else. In fact, this cake was combined with nuts and was seen as a favorite delicacy during that time. However, while the Romans regarded it as a source of blessings, the 1800s period proved just the opposite. This cake was believed to be sinful and some religions even prohibited it. Not long after that, the cake was regarded as a meal treat that could bring couples together for marriage. In some parts of England, it became the symbol of hope. In fact, they cut a slice, put it under their pillows and believed that they would dream good dreams that night.

As you can see, the fruit cake has had quite a colorful history. But there are still people who are not conversant with it. So, what exactly is this special cake made of? Are they made up of fruits only? That’s a question you may ask your baker? Well, classic ones may vary in ingredients, but modern ones are often a combination of fruits, nuts and some brandy. And it doesn’t take a keen eye to notice that holiday seasons are never complete without these cakes. You’ll see them during Christmas season as people cheer and make merry with loved ones.

There are several different types of fruit cakes today. In the UK for example, Angel cake is popular. It’s spongy and creamy on the go. On the other hand, we have the apple cake, banoffie pie (made of bananas), bara brith (made of raisins, currants and candied peel) plus many more.

The best thing about fruit cakes is that they can last up to months if preserved properly. Unlike your usual cake, just keep it refrigerated and leave it there. It will never go bad. It’s the brandy inside the cake that makes it defy the bacteria that is responsible for making food go bad. So even if you buy a big one today and you don’t feel like eating it, just keep it, perhaps until you feel like wanting to indulge in it.

This cake is also enjoyed when it’s cold or frozen. There are people who buy it and keep it frozen for several days just to let the flavor and brandy sink into it. It is then wrapped in foils and used in gatherings or parties to cheer up the mood. If you are celebrating with younger members of your family, you can substitute fruit juice in place of alcohol during the preparation of dough. Make sure that the fruit absorb well inside the dough for the same quality and rich taste.

There are several things that can be served during a Christmas season, and fruit cakes are just one of them. Just slice your cake into pieces and share with your family members.